Monday, 13th May, 2019... I got the call that sent me back to a place of deep thought, silence, mourning, reflection and grief. In my mind, it's almost always older people that pass on and even when a youthful person does, it's never really been close to home so I've never felt it first hand [...]


A road less traveled

This isn't going to be a long write up but first I need to say this: "it feels SO GOOD to be back". This post is dedicated to my house mate in Malta, Yandi Melody Ofon... I'd like to say I am SO SORRY. I should never have judged you and I should never have [...]


Who are you? What are the basic things that make up ur personality? What makes you tick? What are the things that build your happiness? The world has become so diverse and so complicated that not a lot of people can exactly pin point what they want and what they know is guaranteed to bring [...]